• Plastic Free July at CWM

Plastic Free July at CWM

So many of our daily decisions can have a huge impact on the planet but trying to learn to be more eco-friendly can sometimes get overwhelming. Luckily, there are heaps of easy, interesting ways you can reduce your daily impact. Here are some tips on reducing your waste:

1. Use a reusable bottle
One of the easiest ways to save money and reduce waste is by saying “No” to single-use bottles. Grab yourself a reusable bottle and it will become your new best friend. Keep it handy whether at home or out-and-about and you’ll stay hydrated without costing the planet.

Black + Blum Eau Good Charcoal Water Bottle in Assorted Colours

Black+Blum Insulated Water Bottle in Assorted Colours

2. Use a reusable cup
If you’re a coffee or tea lover, bring your own reusable cup to cafes and restaurants and make a huge difference to the number of disposable cups that end up in landfill. You might even score a few compliments if you’re using an Ecology one!

Paradiso Travel Mug designed by Elana Vanlier for Ecology.

3. Meal Prep and Save Your Leftovers.
Your wallet will thank you for this one. Meal prep will not only save you money by allowing you to be really considered with your grocery list, but it also saves wastage as you’re only buying what you need. And for those times when you do have a surplus of food, get creative in the kitchen and whip up an anything-goes frittata or an easy stir-fry. By using all the ingredients in your fridge, you’re saving water, energy and resources that go into food production and diverting it from going to landfills.

Black and Blum Lunch Pots with microwavable wood fiber base.

Ecology Nourish Storage Containers with bamboo lid.

4. Compost Your Scraps
While organic material will decompose in landfill, the process is a lot slower and will produce significant amounts of methane gas which is 26 times more potent and damaging than carbon dioxide (according to the Department of Agriculture and Food of WA). Fortunately, you can avoid this by composting it for your garden instead. Composting is an aerobic process in which methane producing microbes need oxygen to survive. Thus container composting means that these microbes stay inactive and prevent methane production. Make composting easier with an indoor compost bin with a filter. This allows you to easily collect your food scraps while the filter neutralises any odours until you’re ready to transport it to your composting system.

Abode Compost Bin

Staples Foundry Compost Bin with Handle 23 x 18 x 23cm

5. Buy Recycled Goods
Shop for recycled or upcycled goods where possible. Buying upcycled or recycled items means that we are able to divert the amount of material that goes into landfill and create useful products out of items that would have otherwise become rubbish.

Replay by Ecology is an innovation in tabletop production that delivers less wastage by upcycling production seconds. Available in the Dinner Plate, Side Plate and Noodle Bowl.

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